The Top Roles in the Best Digital Marketing Teams


Marketing teams and work itself can fluctuate. Depending on how many people you work with and the actual workload, a digital marketing team's responsibilities may switch from week to week.

What Makes a Good Team?

Before we dig in more in-depth with the digital marketing structure, we need to take a step back.

Digital marketing aside, building a good team is a challenging yet rewarding experience. But what makes a good team able to achieve business goals and maximize growth?

Depending on whom you ask, there could be numerous factors. Let's narrow down some of the most common traits of an all-star team.

Communication Skills

Without good communication, cross-functional teams and marketing operations can quickly grind to a halt. Granted, communication through the channels of a larger company may be difficult. However,

Along with excellent company culture and a robust network of employees, you need to communicate with the client. What are their wants and needs? Why are they consulting you?

Good Leadership

If you want your digital marketing team to succeed, you absolutely need good leadership. Good managers can exhibit extraordinary leadership, as well as any employee. Depending on the situation, technical skills required, and proven experience, anyone could be a leader.

Leaders are essential for creating and fostering an environment that values growth, maximizes individual strengths, and delivers on company promises.

Bonus: A Good Rapport

While not entirely necessary for business growth, having a good rapport within your digital dream team is a great bonus.

If you have a reliable team with skills and experience, and great chemistry, it makes interacting, planning, and strategizing easier.

Crucial Digital Marketing Team Roles

Now that we know to build up our team of individuals with vast skill sets and a talent for broader business, let's move on.

It's time to see what a typical team of marketers looks like.

The Project Manager

The project manager is the glue that keeps everything together. Again, there are a ton of moving parts to any number of digital marketing campaigns. The project manager needs to be on top of everything that's going on.

Does the content writer need resources? How is the graphic designer coming along with the latest update? The project manager takes all of these things into account when taking on a marketing campaign.

The project manager can use tools such as Trello, Asana, and Basecamp.

The Graphic Designer

If you want an advertising campaign to succeed, you absolutely need some aesthetically pleasing design. It's simply today's standard.

That's where the graphic designer assists campaign planning and utilizes their presentation skills to accomplish goals. The graphic designer has a natural eye for what works visually. The designer will use their skills and knowledge to transform raw data and information into compelling visual aids and web pages.

The SEO Specialist

The SEO specialist ensures that a business and its page show up on search engines’ first page. When was the last time you had clicked 'next page' when searching for something on Google? That's where those with technical SEO knowledge and skills come in.

Using keywords, software tools, and other fundamental skills, the SEO strategist can help optimize web pages to grow business.

The SEO specialist uses tools like SEM Rush, MozBar, Google Analytics, and Ubersuggest.

The Social Media Manager

Importance of effective social media planning is paramount. Social media managers create dynamic campaigns for all social media platforms.

This is an excellent method to serve up great customer service, as well as connecting to your user base. Someone proficient in social media posting is a great asset to have on a digital marketing team.

Although it may seem like posting on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook isn't hard, it requires considerable finesse and technique.

The social media manager uses tools like Hootsuite, Sendable, AgoraPulse, and Sprout Social.

The PPC Expert

Pay-per-click is adept at great promotion, advertising, and website optimization. Sometimes teams will combine the efforts of an SEO manager and someone skilled in PPC.

The SEO or PPC specialist does their due diligence, helping a business put its product or service out there. A great range of skills allows the PPC expert to help with site migrations, Google updates and monitoring web traffic.

SEO or PPC experts can use marketing tools like Google Ads Editor, Microsoft Ads Editor, AdEspresso, and SpyFu.

The Front-End Developer

Whenever you see great created content like a landing page or some inspiring calls to action, you can thank the front-end developer.

The front-end developer creates content using technology and hard data to help business growth.

Front-end development can help a company satisfy business needs by using tools like WordPress, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

What's Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Now you know the essential roles that make up an effective digital marketing team. Whether it's the SEO specialist, front-end developer, or graphic designer, you need all the moving parts to come together for success.

These roles make up the vital infrastructure of a digital marketing team and its potential business growth.

Remember that an excellent digital marketing team, especially with great chemistry, goes a long way.

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