How To Check If Your SEO Is Good: A Comprehensive Guide

When you check SEO, you should be monitoring several aspects. Learn more about backlinks, website impressions, and other vital aspects of checking SEO

As you well know by now, search engine optimization is a multifaceted process that's much more than simply plugging in some keywords and getting results.

You need comprehensive keyword strategies to reach your target audience, maximize conversions, and effectively grow your brand online.

But after waiting to see if your SEO efforts have registered (we know it can be a waiting game, but be patient!), how do you even know if your strategies bore sweet SEO fruit?

Here are some of the fundamental ways to check SEO and see if your keyword strategies are raking in results or need some tweaking.

And don't worry: you likely won't show up as the number one result on the Google search engine result page right after you upload SEO content. Just be patient and use these steps to check SEO.

Website Impressions

We all long to make a great first impression. Likewise, impressions online are essential facets of SEO.

The number of impressions is how many times your webpage, content, and posts generally appear. The higher your impressions, a large number of people are seeing your pages without clicking on them, either due to organic SEO or paid advertising efforts.

A great way to check your impressions is through, aptly enough, Google.

Simply go to Google Search Console, and type in your domain into the relevant field. Google will then run a search, verifying your site, and giving you results.

Here you can see impressions and more information to help check SEO.

Organic SEO

While achieving a high ranking is a great feeling, SEO is mainly about getting those coveted conversions. You want leads, and organic SEO is perfect for pulling in potential customers.

Another key way to measure SEO success is using Google Analytics to see your organic SEO efforts coming to fruition.

Go to Google Analytics, log in to your account, and go to Acquisitions, followed by channels. Here, everything should be reasonably straightforward in terms of measuring organic SEO.


We love a good backlinking strategy. Think of backlinks as a kind of endorsement for your site from someone else's website. The more backlinks your website has, the greater the potential exposure and brand awareness.

A graph showing one hundred and our thousand backlinks when you check SEO
This website has thousands of backlinks, which is essential when you check SEO

This website has thousands of valuable backlinks, helping boost visibility

Backlinks and impressions, organic traffic, and more all benefit and feed off of each other.

In short, the more backlinks you have, the better shape you're in when you check SEO efforts.

Domain Authority

Are you an important and definitive voice in your industry? A great way to find out is through monitoring your domain authority and page authority. These metrics measure how reputable your site is in a particular field. For example, remember those backlinks? The more backlinks you have, the higher a domain authority will likely be. On a scale of 1 to 100, you'll see how you stack up against others.

Make your way to the MOZ site explorer for more information. Enter your site's URL to allow MOZ to begin the analysis. Once everything is done working, you should have a definitive outline of your most popular content, top pages, and of course, domain authority.

Bonus: Use SEO Tools

With companies and individuals understanding the impact of SEO on their bottom lines, new and impressive SEO tools are constantly in development.

Here are some of our favorites and how they help you boost your SEO potential.


Our go-to SEO tool, Ahrefs, is the perfect way to perform in-depth keyword research. When searching for a list of keywords, ahrefs provides everything you need to know if something will gel with your campaigns.

It even lets you monitor multiple websites, their metrics, impressions and check if there are any glaring issues with your pages and links.


Another excellent method to research aspects of SEO, SEMRush has a fantastic Google Add-On in the form of its writing assistant. The SEMrush writing assistant helps copywriters optimize written content for higher SEO potential. SEMRush will suggest keywords, word count, and more.

Like ahrefs, SEMRush will also allow you to monitor your website for issues and statistics.

Check SEO: Seeing Results

After following the steps above, you should have a much clearer picture of where your content stands in terms of SEO potential and effectiveness.

Whether you're engaging in a dedicated digital marketing campaign or simply trying to boost awareness for your cooking blog, when you check SEO, you're ensuring that everything you're doing is up to code.

Remember, SEO can prove to be a long road filled with research, hard work, and dedication. That's why you must invest in your SEO efforts by checking, monitoring, and revising SEO content across all platforms.

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