10 Questions To Ask Your Digital Marketer

Finding a digital marketer is crucial to building the future of your business online. See if your digital marketing candidates know their stuff by asking them these ten simple questions

The technology and methods to reach your target audience are constantly changing. As such, hiring a digital marketer is a fantastic way to ensure your content reaches particular demographics.

Whether through email marketing, social mediums like Facebook and Twitter, or search engines, a digital marketer can make a huge difference in growing your brand online.

But first thing's first: what's digital marketing, and why is it important?

What's Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a way to harness all digital platforms to connect to potential clients, customers, and target demographics. Digital marketers use these different mediums for advertising products and services. Everything from proficiency with Instagram ads to search engine optimization all lie within a sound digital marketing strategy.

A few critical channels that digital marketers use are:

  • Email
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube Ads

That being said, here are the top 10 questions to ask your digital marketer.

Questions to Ask Your Digital Marketer

Before executing a digital marketing strategy, be sure to ask your digital marketer these questions.

  1. What channels are the best for my business?

It's tempting to tell a digital marketer that you want them to canvas the entire Internet for customers, looking high and low through all media channels.

However, you need to dial it back. What media channels are best for your business?

Any digital marketer worth their salt would do in-depth research into your business and its target audience. As such, digital marketers will pinpoint the ideal channels for a marketing campaign.

Will your business benefit from email marketing? Or maybe a sweeping Google Ads campaign? A digital marketer will have their recommendations, not just every avenue.

  1. What trends have you seen in my industry?

Industries react differently to different digital marketing strategies.

With that in mind, a digital marketer should have their fingers on the pulse of your industry, knowing what works and what doesn't. Something that may work for a tech business might not work as well as a fashion business.

  1. What is our initial strategy?

Knowing the digital marketing strategy going forward is essential for communication. And knowing a digital marketer's approach to pulling in consumers is vital.

Your digital marketer could notice something isn't working and quickly scrap an idea for something better.

It could all change dramatically based on results.

  1. What are we assuming about our customer personas?

Sometimes you have a good idea of whom you're targeting. Sometimes you don't.

If you know your target demographic, fantastic!

When you don't benefit from knowing about possible customers, a good digital marketer can make accurate judgments about a clientele to narrow down targeting strategies.

  1. What are our short-term goals?

Short-term goals are easy to create and even easier to measure. While a digital marketer needs to see the big picture, focusing on the little things in the meantime is the way to go.

A digital marketer can glean information and new data over several weeks to provide new courses of action.

What can your company accomplish in a week? A digital marketer should start small with realistic, practical goals that pay off in the short term.

  1. What are our long-term goals?

When you and your digital marketer nail down what works on social media, Google, and Twitter over a few weeks, it's time to tackle bigger goals.

Your long-term goals, including building brand awareness, are your bigger picture ideas. Ask your digital marketer what they believe to be achievable advertising goals.

  1. What can I expect in the first month?

What can you expect from a digital marketer and their strategies?

This stage is where a digital marketer should set expectations. Is this month dedicated to measuring traffic on a blog? Or perhaps some other advertising avenue?

Your digital marketer will let you know what to expect (and hopefully), give you a detailed rundown of their strategies and outcomes.

  1. How should I follow up with leads/sales?

Once digital marketing efforts pay off through hard work and experience, what now? You have a bunch of leads, but how should you proceed?

A good digital marketer will give you pointers on how to follow up with your brand-new leads and potential sales. It's a two-way street until that final close.

  1. Is this budget the best for my business?

With more digital platforms comes more capital.

A digital marketer can ascertain whether you're spending too much not enough on a particular approach. For example, if you're just starting out, spreading yourself too thin can be a detriment. It comes down to balancing your digital priorities.

It's all about feedback from your digital marketer to see what the ideal budget for your business is with advertising on social mediums.

10. Do you believe in my business?

It may seem simple, but if a digital marketer doesn't believe in your business, they're not suitable for you. You need someone who's in your corner at all times, ready to go the extra mile when strategies don't pan out.

Having a digital marketer that believes in your business allows for an opportunity to increase performance. An emotional investment goes a long way toward crafting the perfect advertising campaign, SEO initiative, and blog posts.

Wrapping Things Up With Your Digital Marketer

Asking your digital marketer these ten questions regarding your marketing campaign is essential to success.

You'll have better communication between team members and better ideas of which strategies are perfect for you and your business.

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