Video Advertising Advantages You Need For Results

Video advertising is the future of digital marketing. See why Facebook, TikTok, and more are changing the way consumers are interacting with businesses

If you've spent any time in the world of marketing, you know that video advertising is the future. Any marketing consultant will tell you the same.

But why is this the case? Visual mediums are attractive. Check out the popularity of connected TV, for instance. What's the secret to video ads, and why are they essential for custom branding and growth?

Let's dig in.

What Is Video Advertising?

Video advertising is using videos to display ads for products and services. These ads harness the power of visuals to get messages across to target audiences.

YouTube, Microsoft's video extensions, and even TikTok are helping businesses get their names (and products) out there. More importantly, it's getting people's attention - and interests - piqued. In short, video ads come down to attracting users with sound and images. It seems relatively simple, but it's true; people are more likely to engage with video content.

Video Ad Advantages

Here are four great ways to reach a broad audience, acquire new customers, and get some much-needed attention from people online.

More Info, Less Time

You can convey multiple messages in a video ad in a matter of seconds. As you’ll see, written ad copy needs time to lay its foundation, build trust, and compel a user to act. But if you want to advertise your business or product, using a 15-second video can be a concise, effective way to implant an idea.

It Beats Written Ad Copy

Although you can compel users with well-written ad copy, nothing beats good old-fashioned video. Plus, if your video ad has a solid call to action (CTA), people will want to learn more and engage with your video content.

Don't think just because video is a fantastic medium that you should skimp on written ad copy, though. The best strategy is to integrate everything together.

Sharing Is Caring

People love to share video content.

Whether it's a funny Facebook video or something on Twitter, it's an easy and efficient way of communicating. In fact, Twitter users share hundreds of videos a minute. Videos are excellent ways to quickly and effectively share and promote ideas. 

The same goes for ads. It’s straightforward to quickly share a TikTok video with a friend, rather than sharing an extensive recipe for an Italian dish with a paywall and a treatise on the author’s experience with Italian cuisine. 

How Effective Are Video Ads?

Video ads are very effective. It's one of the best ways to increase traffic (other than great SEO efforts) and raise brand awareness. Businesses everywhere are planning on increasing their ad spend in the coming years.

In fact, as of 2020, nearly all marketers say video ads make up an essential part of their campaign strategies.

The Rise of TikTok and How It Drives Engagement

TikTok is unquestionably one of the most popular social media platforms ever to exist. Aside from popular dancing videos and humorous trends, businesses enjoy the platform for different reasons.

In an Ad World 2021 presentation, TikTokMadeMeBuyIt: How Brands Are Redefining Consumer Engagement to Drive Sales, Maliq Hill had an illuminating conversation with ad experts.

Step and Charli D'Amelio's Online Videos

The social media manager from Step, a company that promotes and teaches financial literacy to teens, explained that TikTok has completely changed the game.

Step worked hand-in-hand with influencer Charli D'Amelio in Q4 2020. The prominent TikTok star helped boost the brand’s exposure and helped create an overlap in TikTok users and potential Step users.

Using Charli D'Amelio's engaging content, Step has an invaluable ally in its video advertising outreach.

The social media platform helps tell stories. And work both as a valuable outlet for younger individuals to speak about financial matters in a comfortable and welcoming way. This works wonders for Step's bottom line, as it empowers creators and boosts the brand's exposure.

"Influencers Further Influencing Other Influencers To Influence"

The social media manager from BetterHelp, an online mental health service, was experiencing massive returns from video content.

Giving voice to specific communities to promote business and erasing mental health stigmas helped scale the business. However, more importantly, it helped build a cohesive community that keeps growing.

The company promoted a 'takeover,' essentially a massive influencer campaign. For example, a prominent influencer will use the company's account to promote stories and add a unique point of view to your consumers.

In short, BetterHelp's social media manager said that the takeover was a resounding success, saying it was "Influencers further influencing other influencers to influence."

These brand pushes using social media blend video ads with marketing 101.

To sum up, social media behemoths like TikTok will be a crucial feature that brands must utilize going forward.

Are There Disadvantages To Video Advertising?

Although so far, video ads seem like a golden goose, there are some key disadvantages to them to keep you aware of the next time you launch a campaign.

Attention Spans

Although video ads engage people more than the written word, it's no guarantee that people will retain your ad after viewing. Attention spans are constantly shifting and changing, so ensure that you tailor your content to captivate your target audience. And, as always, go for quality over quantity.

Precision and Timing

Simply uploading a video ad doesn’t guarantee success for your business. You need to ensure that your target audience will see your ad at the intended time. Coupled with attention spans, it can be pretty tricky to nail a winning formula. 

The Cost

Depending on your budget, video ads, including all of the bells and whistles involved, may be too much of a financial risk for the time being. Granted, if you have a dedicated budget for a video ad campaign, this isn’t exactly an issue. But if you’re a small business, the cost of editing, A/B testing, and shooting can quickly add up.

Video Ads: Building a More Colorful User Experience

Whether it's a TikTok takeover, Twitch stream ad, Facebook ad, or Microsoft video extension, video ads are the advertising secret sauce that we've all been looking for. When formulating a great, new advertising campaign, remember to strongly emphasize video.

It's the perfect way to craft a multidimensional brand. And perhaps most importantly, forge a bond between you and your target audience.

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