Video Extensions: Microsoft Is On A Roll

Video extensions in Microsoft Advertising is proving the company has some great ideas. Learn more about this innovation and what it means for advertising

Microsoft is making it even easier to effectively grow your brand online. How? Through videos.

To be fair, it doesn't sound too groundbreaking at first, but when you dig deeper, it's easy to see just how effective this could be for digital marketers and advertisers.

The rollout of Microsoft's video extensions means that consumers and customers can view a video advertising your business right on the Google SERPs. This is a pretty big deal for anyone running a detailed search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, and adding video changes the game. Simple as that.

Things like YouTube Ads can be an advertiser's best friend. The next logical step is making video a priority.

Video Extensions and Microsoft Advertising: Leading by Example (for Once)

It's no surprise that Microsoft tends to copy Google's more innovative features after they roll out. Microsoft fell into a steady and reliable pattern of copying the Silicon Valley giant, adding ideas to their own platform. This time, however, Microsoft is taking the lead in terms of innovation.

According to Microsoft, viewers can easily watch your video paired with your page and click on the call-to-action button. This makes advertising campaigns more interactive and, hopefully, more effective. Video extensions also

Video Extensions Features and Requirements

There are some key uses and features through Microsoft video extensions. Keep in mind, Video Extensions are only available on the Microsoft Advertising platform for PC.

Video Extension Features

  • Video extensions are only included with high-quality ads. This means that your ad campaigns need to be in tip-top shape. If your campaign is lacking, you won't get to experience the benefits of video extensions. Good quality content, a solid call to action, and more are all required.
  • You need a thumbnail image to have a video extension play.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) are charged the same as regular ad clicks

Video Extension Requirements

  • Your content needs to be between 6 and 120 seconds. You have some creative breathing room here, which is excellent.
  • All formats are accepted, but Microsoft recommends videos in MPEG-2, MP4, or MOV formats for the best integration.
  • Maximum file size of 10 GB
  • Minimum of 120×120 pixels; ideally should be around 720×720 pixels

How To Get Familiar With Video Extensions

Here are some of the main things to learn for starting your video extension ad campaign.

  • Name of the ad
  • The URL source for the video
  • The thumbnail source
  • Alt-text for accessibility and in case images don't load properly
  • Display text for when the video plays
  • Action URLs for mobile and desktop formats

Ensure that you explore more about the newest ad tool for windows to start getting your marketing campaign off the ground.

Video Extensions and Microsoft Advertising: The Bottom Line

Now that digital marketers and advertisers have a unique tool, courtesy of Microsoft, will it mean more conversions for companies? This also puts Google in an interesting spot, as their greatest imitator is now, surprisingly, the leading innovator.

It's interesting to see them stepping up, and only time will tell if this update shakes up the Internet. Either way, we're psyched about the potential of video extensions and future innovations.

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