Apple Versus Facebook: The New Data Privacy Skirmish

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Things aren't peaceful in Silicon Valley. Two of the biggest tech giants, Apple and Facebook, are continually feuding over privacy, data, and app tracking. The skirmishes between the two consist of Internet ads, disputes, consumer behavior, arguments, and shrewd strategic business decisions. But where does this conflict of Apple vs. Facebook begin and end?

The data privacy war between two tech powerhouses hasn't been pretty. Verbal barbs traded between Apple's Tim Cook and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg have only fanned the flames.

What does this new push in technology mean for both companies and the public at large? Let's examine the main points and see what the future holds for both businesses.

Apple vs. Facebook: The Data Privacy War

In recent years, the emphasis on the sharing of user data in apps has become a contentious point between users and technology companies.

Companies compiling user data and then selling it to advertisers for ad targeting have always felt like a shady proposition. With the 2020 iOS 14 updates, Apple permits apps to track users through its default settings. Once a user installs the iOS 14 updates, Apple will notify users that certain apps want to track their data. Users will be given the ability to opt-out of data tracking as well.

Apple is a brand aimed at improving someone's lifestyle, focusing on design, style, and functionality. Facebook, however, focuses primarily on types of data collection and personalized ads to fund its growth and revenue.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has become increasingly furious with Apple CEO Tim Cook for publicly criticizing Facebook's business practices multiple times.

So much so that Zuckerberg said that 'We need to inflict pain' on Apple. Facebook and Zuckerberg have engaged in a fiery political and media blitz. The company has been extensively lobbying politicians and taking out ads to effectively kneecap Apple's business practices.

Understanding Facebook's Personalized Ad Targeting

Why are Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook taking all of this so hard? Facebook is worried about Apple and its own place at the technological table.

It's hardly a secret anymore that Facebook utilizes user data to create targeted ads. These personalized ads have been a veritable goldmine for Facebook. However, with the September 16 release of iOS 14, users who opt out of data tracking will see considerably less targeted ads.

For Facebook, this simple change can spell disaster.

Who Will Win the Data Collection Conflict?

This conflict between the two tech behemoths has been on a crash course for years now. With significantly different business practices, strategies, and approaches to user data and privacy, the Apple versus Facebook matchup could shape the Internet for the foreseeable future.

What does the future hold for Facebook and Apple? We likely won't have a definitive answer for a long time. Whoever wins this battle over data, user privacy, and business practices, both Facebook and Apple users may have to make unique and significant compromises over their personal data.

This ongoing conflict between the two companies will undoubtedly cause massive ripples on the digital economy and the Internet as a whole.

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