Do Hashtags Still Work in 2022?

Hashtags are valuable ways to connect with your audience. But do hashtags still work these days? Let's find out

When perusing your social media platform of choice, you'll see a wall of text prefaced with a pound sign. This is a hashtag. The hashtag has had an essential role over nearly twenty years of social media. But do hashtags still work?

Let's find out.

What Is A Hashtag?

In different social media posts, hashtags are metadata tags that allow other users to search for and find content. It helps social media users connect over niche topics and popular content.

In short, a hashtag acts as an invitation to discuss, view, and engage with content online.

Social media managers all over the Internet know the power of such a simple tool. And you can, too!

person holding iphone taking picture of meal to use hashtags
Do hashtags still work? Yes, and they're more important than ever

What Are Instagram Hashtags?

Let's use Instagram hashtags as examples.

We want to find some Instagram Reels about the guitar. If we wanted to find content about the guitar, we'd go to the explore page, type in 'guitar,' and click on 'tags.'

You will see a mosaic of Instagram posts, reels, pictures, and even long-form videos. These posts and tags aim to match users with the content they're looking for.

Maybe it's a guitar teacher showing you a tutorial for your favorite song. Or perhaps it is a picture of a brand new guitar. Either way, you're on the right track.

And with the Instagram algorithm, you'll quickly whittle down content to specifically cater to you.

In the end, all of the posts on this page contain the relevant Instagram hashtag in the body of their texts.

Should I Use Hashtags?

Yes, absolutely.

Hashtags help build brand engagement and help advertising services. Hashtags also bring attention to a topic, product, or content. Pair that with a strong relationship with a social media influencer, and you've got an excellent formula for easy clicks.

Do Hashtags Still Work in 2022?

Yes, hashtags still work. And they're pretty important. Hashtags are frames of reference for the Instagram algorithm. When you use hashtags, you're raising your potential for precious online engagement with your targeted audience.

Finding The Best Hashtags

If you're a small business, it's well worth the few seconds to compile relevant hashtags relating to your business in your post. Hashtags on Instagram for a small coffee company could be:

#neighborhoodcoffeeshop #coffeeshopowner #coffeeshoplife #coffeebusinessowner

And other similar terms. Find the relevant hashtags to help social media users check out your business and start building your brand!

However, you'll likely want to focus on more specific hashtags, especially as a small business.

#Coffee as a hashtag, after all, has almost 160 million results. Working your way down to something like #lacoffee (51.8k) is a good idea.

And don't forget location-specific hashtags. Tagging your small business allows people all over Instagram to see your content is invaluable. It helps build your target audience in a much more simple and visual way.

With the Instagram algorithm, you'll eventually find the best hashtags to pepper into your social media posts in no time.

But how do you know when to cool it with the hashtags?

How Many Hashtags Should I Use On Instagram?

It depends. While you can technically use 30 hashtags, you'll likely want to shoot for anywhere between somewhere between 10 and 20.

There's no concrete rule, however. So if you want to jam your caption with 30 hashtags, you can. After all, the more hashtags you include, the more chances to share and connect with audiences.

However, when you keep your hashtags lower, you can connect with your specific audience better.

So what do you want: more engagement with less organization or fewer clicks with laser-focused categorization? It's up to you and your social media strategy.

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Effective use of hashtags can connect your target audience with your content

Do Hashtags Still Work in 2022? Yes!

There's never been a better time to put some relevant hashtags in your social media posts.

Whether it's LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, hashtags play an important role in connecting potential customers with your business.

In the end, it's all about building your brand.

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