Instagram Vs. TikTok: What's Better For Your Brand?

Which social media platform is best for your brand? With Instagram vs. TikTok, there are a few key aspects to consider. Let's explore the differences

Instagram Vs. TikTok: What's Better For Your Brand?

We'll shoot straight: if you're not maintaining a presence on social media, you're making a big mistake. Good social media management, marketing to your users, and choosing platforms like Instagram and TikTok make a massive difference. But between Instagram vs. TikTok, which social platform is best for your brand and business?

What will connect you seamlessly with customers?

There are upsides and downsides to each platform. Let's explore the upsides and downsides and solidify your presence online. Get your hashtags ready.

Instagram Vs. TikTok: The Breakdown

The pandemic changed the face of the Internet, how we use it, and how users connect with one another. In 2020, both Instagram and TikTok saw a huge influx of downloads.

People will have their favorite apps, but let's objectively break down Instagram vs. TikTok and how they differ. This is the first step in nailing down a cohesive social media strategy.

Plus, we'll toss in some crucial digital marketing tips to help your business thrive.

Instagram Basics

Since October 2010, Instagram has been an integral tool for sharing pictures with a filter (or maybe #nofilter). Over the past decade, Instagram quickly evolved into what we use today.

  • Instagram's users are primarily female (68%).
  • According to Instagram data, more users live in cities rather than in the suburbs.
  • Instagram pulls in younger users; over 90% of its user base is under the age of 35.

Ensure you consider these demographics when tailoring a sound business strategy. With that in mind, let's explore the Instagram Discovery Page, which aims to connect users with content they'll love.

3D instagram logo
With Instagram vs. TikTok, brands have many ways of connecting with customers

Instagram's Explore Page

The Instagram Explore Page is where Instagram users, you guessed it, discover new content. It contains Instagram reels, pictures, and long-form videos.

Using machine learning, the Instagram algorithm analyzes hashtags, captions, and metadata to match Instagram users with content they'll likely enjoy.

You'll get a music-based explore page after watching a few guitar-playing videos or travel-centric content after browsing pictures of exotic locales.

Instagram Stories

Influencer marketing, video reels, and innovative steps in creating better content make Instagram the social media gold standard. But what about TikTok? It has an impact you can't ignore.

Lasting 24 hours, businesses can post flash sales, quick company updates, and giveaways.

Instagram Reels

When you tap on the Instagram Reels tab, you'll immediately jump into your curated content. Whether it's capybaras, cooking, or politics, you'll see short-form videos that connect with you.

To create an Instagram Reel, click on the '+' sign in the upper right-hand corner. You'll have options to create a regular post, story, Instagram reel, or go live to your followers.

Click on 'reel,' and get creating! You have one minute to communicate your brand identity to your audience. Depending on your goals, the one-minute time constraint on an Instagram Reel may hinder or help you. Are you trying to build a multidimensional brand? Are you trying to get a lot of info to your customers at once? That one-minute time limit seems stifling. But a snappy, eye-catching, and informative reel in under a minute can make waves.

TikTok Basics

Although Instagram and social media are synonymous with one another, TikTok is downright explosive. Responsible for launching new trends and memes. Along with helping resurrect songs from the 1980s, TikTok is a social media powerhouse.

  • TikTok has over 1 billion users, with roughly 138 million in the United States.
  • TikTok's users from 10-19 make up the bulk of its user base, while users over 50 make up only a sliver.
  • TikTok beat Meta apps Instagram and Facebook in downloads in 2021.
3D TikTok logo
TikTok saw an extreme boost in downloads over the pandemic

The TikTok For You Page

Like the Instagram Discovery Page, the TikTok For You Page curates content for you. It brings you tailor-made videos to your feed, courtesy of the algorithm.

Think of the Instagram algorithm and apply it to TikTok. TikTok users will see specific content based on browsing history.

You'll often see the hashtag #fyp in many posts. This is a strategy to gain the attention of the algorithm to help connect users with content. Does the 'fyp' hashtag actually work on TikTok? Well, there's no definitive proof. But it doesn't hurt to try.

TikTok Songs: Use Them!

Thanks to Stranger Things, songs like Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush and Master Of Puppets by Metallica saw huge popularity boosts. With the new season barely over, users took an interest in these genre-defining songs.

That's where using trending music makes a difference. In short, it should be a big part of your content marketing strategy.

It's no surprise that a TikTok with sound is crucial to the overall experience. You could have aesthetically-pleasing visuals, logos, slogans, and colors. But without a sound, you're cutting off your content at the knees.

This is why you'll often watch TikTok videos with sounds that may not match up naturally. For example, you might see the best cooking videos on TikTok with goofy sound effects and songs. While it doesn't necessarily match, harnessing the sheer power of viral marketing, those TikTok cooking videos may see significant user engagement.

So, next time you craft an informative video on TikTok about your business, use trending music. And don't be afraid to post some content with the old TikTok classic, 'Monkey Spinning Monkeys,' too.

TikTok Vs. Instagram: Which One To Use

Your audience's engagement with your content can mean the difference between a valuable conversion and a missed opportunity.

Take stock of your business and its clientele. Again, finding your target audience is half the battle with digital and social media marketing.

But which one do you use?

The answer: use both. Don't limit yourself or your brand. While certain aspects of these apps differ in many ways, limiting yourself to just one isn't a sound strategy. Covering all your bases is essential. Just remember to post quality content to add legitimacy to your brand. In short, keep your brand on brand.

Create Instagram Reels, and follow current TikTok trends while keeping your message the same. Even better, incorporate your business into memes and the most popular content on the apps.

For example, something like power washing, hardly a trending concept with the younger crowd, saw a stunning uptick on TikTok. It's about creating something unique yet staying true to your brand.

Both TikTok and Instagram allow businesses to do just that.

two p[eople in cafe planning instagram vs tiktok for their business
Planning out your social media strategy can be difficult. But finding what works for your business is extremely rewarding

Final Thoughts On Instagram Vs. TikTok

Part of good content marketing and social media management is understanding the social media landscape and using it to your advantage.

If you're determined, persistent, and use these apps' tools, your brand could see a significant uptick in traffic and popularity. Don't be afraid to experiment with Instagram vs. TikTok.

The only way to see is to try it out.

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