Microsoft App Install Ads: Lower Volume, Higher Conversion Rates

Microsoft App Install Ads are an interesting way for advertisers to increase conversions and visibility. Learn more about Microsoft App Install Ads and how they can kick your new advertising campaign into gear

Is Microsoft breaking ahead of the pack? As we've already gone over in our piece about Microsoft's Multimedia Ads and how the company is fighting to stay out of Google's advertising shadow.

Microsoft has already shown that it's ready to break free with things like Video Extensions, and now we have App Install Ads. But what are App Install Ads? Let's dig in and see why Microsoft's new advertising platform holds a lot of promise (and why we're excited about it).

What Are Microsoft App Install Ads?

App Install Ads are Microsoft's new attempt to provide a way for app advertisers to get installs.

Google has UAC, which can run on display, YouTube, Discovery, search, and even Google Play Store (Android-only, sorry!)

Microsoft uses this platform to help advertisers drive downloads by sending potential customers to the corresponding app store. Simple as that.

What Makes Microsoft App Install Ads Interesting?

So, why are Microsoft App Install Ads worth noting?

App install ads are interesting in that they run directly on the search network, giving you more visibility. It's based on the keywords you provide (think ASO) rather than the black box targeting you get with Google Universal Ad Campaigns (UAC).

Microsoft App Install Ads are also pay per download, which is an exciting bidding method. Most ads are usually PPC (pay-per-click) or automated bidding types. These can, ideally, get you an efficient CPA (cost per action) but can't guarantee you will stay within that range.

These ads send people directly to the app store (but Android or iPhone can be selected when creating the ad, meaning you will have to make two ads if you want to run on both).

For now, Install Ads can only run on mobile or tablet, but Microsoft provided an option that can be selected that will allow the system to prefer mobile phones.

As with all mobile app ads, it's advised to use a 3rd party mobile measurement provider, or MMP, to help see down funnel activity past the initial download. If you don't have this, then the only thing you can report is the download, which is also subject to data privacy limitations, and not all download data goes back to the platform correctly.

Oh, and it has a call-to-action feature on the ad. For us, that's enough. Okay, all the other stuff is great too, but anything that makes digital advertising campaigns more streamlined is excellent for everyone. And Microsoft seems to be going full-steam ahead.

Microsoft App Install Ads: What’s Next?

All in all, we feel Microsoft’s Install Ads potential is very promising. 

Although the current volume of users is low on the platform, the innovation could improve other platforms like Google if they want to stay on top of Microsoft. 

Since these install ads are keyword targeting based, it will be interesting to see the data past the install stage, as it should have a better conversion rate to down funnel activities. 

Keep in mind; App Install Ads are only available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

We can't wait to see how Microsoft App Install Ads will change the digital marketing landscape. Oh, and we can’t overstate how great it is to have that call-to-action button. We love a good CTA.

Do you see yourself using Microsoft's App Install Ads in your new advertising campaigns?

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