What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is a valuable PR method to ensure your brand has a positive perception from customers. Learn more about online reputation management

First impressions are everything.

Well, so are the second, third, and fourth, too.

Actually, your brand's entire reputation online is pretty important, regardless of whether a customer is visiting for the first or forty-first time.

Add to that a competitive market filled with ambitious companies looking to dominate with SEO efforts or a memorable ad campaign, and your reputation will mean a lot.

Let's see what online reputation management is, why it's vital to your company, and how to utilize it.

Hint: it's crucial for any digital marketing strategy to succeed.

Online Reputation Management: What Is It?

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Online reputation management is key to upholding a positive brand image

Online reputation management (ORM) is a public relations concept where a company or business builds and maintains a good reputation online.

And don't worry, this doesn't mean that your company will become embroiled in a high-stakes court case.

It's merely about controlling the flow of the online conversation. What are people saying about your brand? Does it have good reviews? How do you respond to negativity?

These are but a few questions to ponder regarding your company's reputation, especially if you're an omnichannel brand.

This means that your company may experience a negative backlash of some sort at some point or another. But ORM is your lifeline towards keeping your company's image in a positive light.

What Is A Good Online Reputation Management Strategy?

A fantastic online reputation management strategy is reading reviews for your company. What is it that your product or service lacked? What are customers complaining about?

Now, don't get defensive! There is a great chance to improve here.

Reading reviews, good and bad, allow you and your company to see what's working and what's failing. That's when you double down on what's favorable and take a detailed look at how to improve what's lacking.

Do you understand your target audience and their specific pain points? Do you know how to address them? Whether good or lacking, your online reputation will often set the tempo for future customer acquisitions.

ORM is much more than a damage control tactic; it's a way in which to build trust with your customers and prove that you're the company that's worth investing in.

And when companies and businesses execute ORM just right, it's memorable, which just adds to their benefit.

ORM Strategy Examples

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Building ORM strategies to deal with customers and their needs is vital

To better illustrate the impact of ORM, let's take a look at a few online reputation examples to help you develop your brand voice and tone.

Using Humor To Build A Good Reputation (And Brand Voice)

You need to craft the perfect brand voice and tone when building a brand. In other words, how you're going to be communicating ideas to customers.

Humor is a powerful, relatable tool. And it could help bolster your online reputation, too. It makes an impact; people remember it fondly and associate your company with it.

If you were to see a negative review online regarding your store, company, or business, why not use it to your advantage?

Take Control Of The Situation

It's always important to understand what areas your business may improve upon. When reading online reviews, comments, and other communication via social media, keep that in mind.

When you see a review where a customer found your service or product lackluster, it's the perfect opportunity to respond with thought and insight.

For example, when responding to a customer's complaints in online reviews, address every point covered in their initial review. Yes, this means addressing the negatives. These are only growing pains for your brand; see them as a crucial opportunity to grow not only your brand but for your online reputation.

This ties in with simply being kind to reviewers.

Kill Them With Kindness

It always pays to be nice. Plus, it doesn't cost a thing.

When faced with a particularly negative or even outright hostile review, responding in kind isn't an option.

Instead of getting upset with criticism, use it as a tool when responding to online reviews.

Show kindness, understanding, and a helping hand when engaging with a particularly angry reviewer. Phrases like:

  • Thank you for your review
  • We apologize for not meeting your expectations
  • We can improve the experience going forward

Showing kindness and that your company's online presence is a positive one can go a long way towards how people online view your business and brand.

Is ORM worth it? Do I Need Online Reputation Management?

three people in a meeting wearing black jacket holding phones in an online reputation management meeting
Brands need a good online reputation management strategy to help them serve customers

Yes. It's a great idea to invest in quality reputation management for your company or business. Especially considering that 72% of the adult population uses social media.

Since that Pew Research Poll in 2020, you can imagine that only increasing.

Not only is it a great way to ensure you're maintaining a positive image online, but it also provides a fantastic opportunity for you and your business to learn from past mistakes and innovate further. Maybe you can tailor a new, innovative way of helping the customer down the marketing funnel?

Keeping Your Nose Clean: Wrapping Up With Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management consists of many crucial digital marketing aspects. It ensures that your brand resonates with customers, helps them address pain points, and delivers satisfying results.

When engaging with customers online, it's essential to factor in how your reputation molds expectations. Are you a well-known, beloved brand that's famous for its customer service? Or are you a non-responsive brand that barely responds to online communication?

We hope you choose to be the former instead of the latter.

An excellent online reputation is something we all strive for. And with ORM, you can, piece by piece, make your brand stand out.

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