How To Build Trust With Customers: Your Guide To Client Satisfaction

Providing customers with a great service or product is only one piece of the marketing puzzle. Learn how to build trust with customers to forge strong business bonds

As the holiday advertising push subsides a bit in the first stages of the new year, it's important to reflect. Namely, reflect on your relationship with your customers and clients. Do they enjoy working with you? Do you give excellent service?

More importantly, do your customers trust you to get the job done?

We'll show some examples in our own business to show how to best build trust with customers. This will push you to achieve conversions and develop a fantastic working relationship with your customer. Your reputation may very well depend on it.

How Do You Build Trust With Customers?

Building trust with customers isn't too tricky. It requires you to exhibit noble and helpful qualities that end up helping you as much as they do the customer. These are a few vital things to successfully build trust with customers.

  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Feedback Opportunities
  • Sincerity

Let's start by building customer trust by being open and honest.

Building Trust By Being Honest

two people building trust with customers at a coffee shop
Being transparent with your customer is key to a successful business partnership

Being transparent with your customer is vital. If you're being dishonest with them, it leaves a bad taste. Plus, they could walk away from the exchange upset, and rightly so.

Instead, you want your customer to say something like, "I work with Sprinkles Media because I know they'll give me great advice."

You should let that motivate you when interacting with them. Trust means a lot to your customers, and giving them an empty promise or not responding to messages are enormous red flags. Make sure to write good copy, don't mislead them with promises you can't commit, and acknowledge any mistakes and learn from them.

In short, sincerity goes a long way, and customers are quick to recognize and appreciate it, especially if you're helping them build brand awareness and get them noticed.

How We Build Trust With Customers Through Digital Marketing Consultation Services

When we first meet with potential clients, we go through a digital marketing consultation. During this stage, we meet with the customer, learn about their business, and address problems we need to tackle on a project. Digital marketing consultation services are perfect for making a business stronger.

For example, we help them identify pain points in their business, those pesky problems they can't seem to shake.

Maybe it's a less-than-optimal website that scares visitors away rather than enticing them. Perhaps the customer is suffering in their SEO efforts and needs in-depth keyword research.

Either way, we identify problems, work out potential solutions, and plan a comprehensive strategy.

When you're open and transparent, you leave no room for deception and a whole lot of room for sincerity. Plus, it allows customers to speak freely in a testimonial about how satisfied they were with your services.

Stay In Contact With Your Customer

man in brown jacket sitting beside with woman at coffee shop
Don't be a stranger! Your customer deserves reliable communication

When a company or individual reaches out to you, you need to be there. Whether it's you on the other end of the phone or Zoom call, or a team of customer support representatives, you need to be there.

If we started helping a customer with custom branding and website development, and suddenly we went radio silent, a customer would be furious. And they'd be justified.

Having a professional within reach is always a comfort to customers. If something goes wrong with the custom website launch or how many design revisions they get, staying connected means the world.

Customer Service, Of Course

Good customer service should be obvious here. However, you'd be surprised by how many companies don't invest in taking care of their customers. Building trust with customers is about having that human connection, and customer service provides that.

It also helps ferret out any problems the project experiences.

Remember, be kind, honest, helpful, and supportive. The last thing you want is for your customer to avoid reaching out for help because they had a bad prior experience. These hangups can quickly derail an important business project.

It could even result in your team helping the customer think of new strategies to implement. That leads us to the value of customer feedback and how it builds trust.

Don't Be Afraid of Feedback

Getting feedback and constructive criticism can be awkward sometimes. You put a lot of hard work and energy into improving a customer's business. Then, out of the blue, they say they don't like your work or envision something completely different.

But don't fret. This is the perfect opportunity to improve upon a project and your skills. And don't be afraid to turn valuable customer feedback into an even more helpful brainstorm session. Some great ideas can sprout from taking things in a new direction. Maybe they want to see the pros and cons of website templates vs. custom websites. Or they changed their minds and want to go with a new keyword strategy.

Either way, these aspects depend on the customer, not the agency.

How To Build Trust With Customers: Sincerity Wins The Day

two business owners building trust with customers over a video call outside
Being sincere is the secret sauce to building trust with your customers

Building trust with customers is simpler than you may think. Firstly, you need a positive mindset to help a customer relationship grow. Think of the coaching leadership style for encouragement, feedback, and honesty. Now apply that to your interactions with customers.

As long as you don't come off as dishonest, misleading, and inattentive, it'll be great for business. And, more importantly, it will build your portfolio and improve your relationship with customers.

And what's better than that?

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