Ask Your Brand Designer These 10 Questions For Maximum Exposure

Growing your brand is a big deal, that's why it's important to ensure your brand designer is doing the best they can. Ask them these questions to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck

Effectively growing your brand online is much more nuanced than merely crafting a killer logo and outlining what your business does.That’s why it’s a fantastic idea to search for expert brand designers and marketers to grow your brand digitally. When seeking out professionals to help your brand ‘pop’ online, you need to do your due diligence in ensuring your brand designer is doing their due diligence. How? By asking these ten questions. 

How Many Revisions Do I Get? 

Although in an ideal world, a brand designer would revise until your product is the best it can be, there should be a set number. This makes it easier to negotiate contracts and keep everything organized. 

When talking with your potential candidates about custom branding and website design, negotiate until you’re happy with that number. Some standard terms are anywhere from one to three revisions. 

However, this depends on the size and scope of the project. The branding design process could take a while. Obviously, a more detailed and massive project may need a few more revisions. The first should be the most in-depth, as ideally, the next few rounds shouldn’t have nearly enough issues compared to the first.

How Many Options Will I Get? 

This should be a range so you can decide between styles. As such, choose a number that is comfortable for both you and the brand designer. Are you looking for around three options? Or are you intent on having a wide array of options? 

In design, around three is a good standard option to build upon. Yes, we know it can be hard to decide on that final logo. We’ve definitely been there before.

What Kind of Feedback Would You Like? 

As we all know, feedback is key to growth. If you don’t provide feedback, how can a brand designer or digital marketer understand what needs improvement? This goes for both your particular project and their workload in general.

As such, it’s essential to give good feedback so your next set will be ‘the one.’ So ask what kind of feedback they’re looking for. It not only helps your end result look the best it can, but it helps the brand designer grow as a creative individual.

What Is the Thought Process Behind Your Design?

This is a great question to ask any creative individual. 

We also think it’s a lot of fun to ‘peek under the hood’ of the creative process. But more than just piquing your interest in artistry and design, it serves a much greater purpose.

There’s more that goes into design than ‘does it look good.' Make sure you understand all the subliminal things they are adding. What brings them to a particular train of thought? What makes an individual design as they do? There is so much more than choosing the right colors—a lot of brand design deals in psychology and how people view media in general. 

If you really gel with their design method, then chances are you’re a match made in heaven. 

Do You Have a Portfolio I Can Look At? 

Find a designer whose portfolio is diverse. 

Although brand designers can have a good attitude and positive outlook, you really need someone with a proven track record. When looking for a brand designer, make sure they have a portfolio, especially one your click with—the more diverse, the better. 

What Happens If I Don’t Like Anything? 

Branding design isn’t always perfect. There are revisions and options for a reason, right? 

In short, there should always be a plan. What is it? 

If your brand designer planned for all contingencies and mishaps, you have a good designer on your hands. Like any other design venture, having a plan is crucial to a more manageable and pain-free project.

Will I Own Everything You Create for Me? 

This should always be ‘yes,’ but make sure you see it in the contract. Intellectual property rights can get a little tricky in some instances.

Not every designer has the same terms. As such, you must examine the contract in detail to determine the rights over designs and content. This is a legal matter, and there have been legal precedents dating back decades. 

For example, peruse the Copyright Act of 1976. Each country has differing laws, so again, ensure you’re reading the fine print. 

What Is the Expected Timeline? 

This should be a time range and will give you a glimpse into the process. 

Does your brand designer work on a rigid, reliable schedule while delivering consistent results? Perfect. That shows that a brand designer knows their stuff. 

Also, knowing the expected timeline is a fantastic way to plan for other branding processes too. And knowing a schedule is always helpful.

Do You Understand My Brand? 

First and foremost, a digital brand designer must understand your brand. If they don’t know for some reason, then working with them is a bit of a lost cause. 

But this doesn’t mean giving up on a potential brand designer. If there are vague concepts, explain them to your designer.

Let them know who the target audience is, your mission statement, business goals, and more. Outlining all these crucial business aspects should clear up any confusion. Working with a brand designer is a two-way street.

Remember the constructive feedback? You need to work alongside a brand designer if you both want to improve upon a design. After all, your business could depend on it.

Final Thoughts on Brand Designers

Brand designers are creative powerhouses that help you grow your brand and business. As such, they have essential responsibilities. Be sure to ask them these ten questions to ensure you’re getting the best possible value for your time and resources.

And who knows, maybe you’ll develop a working partnership with a brand designer that lasts for years.

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