Website Template vs. Custom Websites: Pros & Cons

Website templates and custom sites both have pros and cons that can help or hinder your business. Learn all the differences of these two ways of making your brand stand out

We always say that branding is much more than a company's logo. And with your website, you need to communicate a message, a service, a personality, and so much more. But of the two options, which should you choose: website templates or a custom website? We'll show you both the pros and cons, features, and how to launch your startup with a strong web presence.

The Cost of Website Templates vs. Custom Websites

At first glance, the major pro of using a website template is saving on cost. Your web team can implement a tried and true website template for easy integration and posting to your blog in no time.

But bear with us. A significant downside to website templates, however, is the cost. We'll explain.

Custom-made websites can cost more. The main difference between the two is when you pay.

Customized pages and sites will cost more in the short term, but templates usually make you pay monthly.

Whether you're in the infant stages of developing your business, or you're looking for an online 'facelift,' you can't afford to get bled dry by subscription costs.

Create a Brand Identity

Website branding is crucial to outreach and building trust with your target audience.

When we visit our favorite sites, we're interacting with a carefully curated and crafted page. While you can edit HTML and other minor aspects of templates, they lack a particular punch. This is your brand and business we're talking about.

With a custom-made site, your individuality and personality are on full display. Plus, you can make some pretty effective landing pages in conjunction with excellent SEO practices. Your site is your lifeline to your target audience, and you can't afford any missteps.

A lot of the time, templates are a dime a dozen.

Don't Waste Your Time!

Your time is a valuable thing when getting your new website off the ground. While existing website templates may seem like an initial design slam dunk by having everything regimented and organized, it pales in comparison to the benefits of a custom-made design.

For example, a website template, while providing you with fields to enter good blog copy and other aspects, a custom-made website is crafted for you. That means every landing page, button, icon, and picture has been carefully curated and positioned for optimal effect.

With custom-made websites, you have more time to do what you need to do to help your business grow. You don't want to put off big business decisions because your site is non-responsive.

Templates: What's the Timeline?

The timelines for custom-made vs. templates vary. If you work with an agency to create a customized site, it could take anywhere from eight to sixteen weeks. However, there is a solid timeline.

With existing templates, it depends on how much content you have per page. For example, if you're just starting out, chances are you don't have a ton of content. This is ideal for a template. Just plug and play. Set it and forget it. You get the idea.

But if you have a staggering amount of content compiled over the years? Say goodbye to your free time. And time to dedicate to your customers.

With templates, there are no guarantees. But custom-made is all carefully planned out, with goals and updates.

Templates vs. Custom: The Finished Product

People simply enjoy custom-made sites more. Giving a business a responsive, professional website is a fantastic feeling. The culmination of hard work, studying the market, and more, crafting custom-made websites just feels better.

In our recent redesign of Ricky Zollinger Media's website, the client was ecstatic about the new designs. You miss out on innovation, effective landing pages, creativity, brand voice, and more with templates.

Custom-made websites also set you apart from the pack of other eager entrepreneurs in your field. If everyone uses a stock template, the customer will have trouble identifying with you and your product.

Custom Branding and Website Development: Grow Your Brand With Us

Now that you know the pros and cons of using website templates and custom websites, you have a better idea of what could work for your business and brand.

At Sprinkles Media, we help businesses build their brands by deep diving into your goals, target audience, brand personality, and art direction. This in-depth consultation results in a custom website that serves as a creative touchstone for you and your business.

To learn more about our branding process and what we do, check out all the different things we can accomplish for you and your brand with our custom branding and website development services. Start pulling in your audience with a beautiful design, broad theme, and informative pages.

After all, Sprinkles is for winners.

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