Client Spotlight: Five Star Restoration

Working with the home repair and restoration experts at Five Star Restoration is one of our favorite projects. See why

Everyone needs some work done on their property. And unfortunately, sometimes, the damage from water, fire, and smoke can seem like an impossible task. However, with one of our newer clients, Five Star Restoration, these anxieties are put to rest using expertise in repair and restoration.

Proudly Serving The Inland Empire And North San Diego

five star restoration team member fixing a water leak
The Five Star Restoration team has helped the Inland Empire for years

Launched in 2016, Five Star Restoration pooled together the expertise of home repair and restoration experts to serve their communities with a friendly flair and practical nature. And the results speak for themselves. 

Since its inception a few years ago, Five Star Restoration, led by home expert and general manager Kevin Gray and his team of professionals, have helped countless Inland Empire residents improve their home.

Whether by performing home inspections for locals or ensuring everything in a home is up to California code, the team at Five Star mixes family-friendly customer service with old-fashioned know-how.

Five Star knows how to ply its trade successfully, whether it’s landslide damage repair or preparing for the worst through board-up services.

In short, the work Five Star Restoration does for Californians speaks for itself.

How Sprinkles Media Made A Difference

After an initial digital marketing consultation with the Five Star team, we determined that its website and SEO needed some overhauling.

The Five Star Restoration team needed a website makeover. With signature creative flair and an emphasis on greatly overhauling the UI/UX, we helped the company improve its image in no time. 

With a sleek, user-friendly interface mixed with eye-pleasing videos and graphics, the Sprinkles Media team pulled out all the stops to ensure Five Star wasn’t stuck in the graphic design purgatory of decades past. 

Although no stranger to canvas templates, we thought Webflow would be the perfect fit for the home repair and restoration company. It just made sense: an easy interface and comprehensive, responsive design elements made the decision easy.

Site migration isn’t an easy task, but we quickly transferred old pages to the new design, and the results speak for themselves. The company experiences a steady rise in organic keywords and backlinks. And we know it’ll only rise even further. 

While it took time to perfect the look and feel for Five Star Restoration, it was a labor of love, and the team offered their expert knowledge and friendliness that makes up its entire business model. No wonder they’re a fixture in Southern California!

SEO: Searching For All The Right Things

We implemented a sound search engine optimization strategy for the small company along with a new website. 

There is no shortage of relevant topics to tie to the home repair business—a blog page filled with well-researched content for readers everywhere.

For example, our team worked diligently to overhaul its existing, sparse blog page. Popular articles like Step by Step Drywall Installation: A Guide or the more relevant topics regarding earthquake damage in Southern California now populate the site. The Five Star blog page now has more than enough content to draw in anyone curious about home improvement and repair.

We also penned press releases to help build backlinks to the site, exhibiting all the exciting changes to the business.

Five Star Restoration And Sprinkles Media

man in hat hat measuring wood for a reair and reconstruction
The teamwork between Sprinkles Media and Five Star Restoration is only growing stronger

Since making significant changes to the Five Star Restoration site in 2022, the Sprinkles Media team, ever to go above and beyond to help clients, has created a fruitful, friendly partnership. 

Follow Five Star Restoration on social media and call them regarding any home repair and reconstruction issues in the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego. You’ll be glad you did!

Any questions regarding the Sprinkles media experience? Contact our team for some of the best digital marketing tips to follow and get your consultation. There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing approach. Let’s find what makes your business stand out and double down!

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