SEO Press Release Benefits: Get More Backlinks and Clicks

Press relases for your business can help with your SEO. See how with our guide to SEO press releases

When growing your business, you want to utilize every tool in your C-suite toolset. Whether it's SEO efforts to boost traffic or build your brand with your audience, it's essential to expand your reach. And speaking of SEO, SEO press releases are the perfect way to build your brand.

In short, they're a great digital marketing asset every business in need of advertising a new product or service should use.

Let's take a closer look at press releases, how they can improve your company's SEO and, thus, improve your overall reach.

What Is A Press Release For SEO?

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A press release for SEO is a solid way to reach out online

A press release (or PR) is a valuable tool to share exciting, new, or otherwise noteworthy happenings at your company or business.

Did you hire a new team of in-house advertisers? Opening up a new company location? Whatever the occasion, it's a good idea to let people know.

Specifically, your target audience.

But that's not to say that others can't find something of merit in your press release. Submitting press releases may be a fantastic way of generating new leads and helping pull in new customers from different demographics.

A press release has a lot of potential to boost your social media presence, website traffic, and overall buzz about you and your company. Whether it's about that spiffy new Canva website you created or a holiday sale you're holding, a press release is your SEO ace in the hole.

Are SEO Press Releases A Good Idea?

Yes, a PR is a fantastic idea to help bolster clicks in more ways than one. When partnering with a good SEO specialist, an effective PR is instrumental.

Benefits of An SEO Press Release

As we've outlined, a press release advertising some new, exciting facet of your business is a great way to generate leads. But there are even more benefits to penning a press release.

Increase Backlinks

If you've spent time brushing up on SEO, you know that backlinks serve as a foundational tool for any good SEO strategy.

These links serve as unofficial endorsements to your website. With more backlinks, your site, theoretically, would perform better on Google's search engine results page (SERP). In short, the more of these links you have, the more search engines will see your site as an authoritative voice in your industry.

And if you know anything about Google EAT pages, you know how crucial this is to your success online.

Building Your Brand

Press releases and advertising a particular product or service build brand awareness in your industry. You know how important building your brand is. Press releases chock-full of newsworthy, captivating information (and a catchy title) serve your business well.

SEO Press Release Tips

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SEO press releases are more than plugging in keywords and talking about your company

Now that you see the impact of a good SEO press release, let's look at some essential tips to help you get started.

Write For Your Audience, Not Google

A key aspect of press releases (and SEO in general) is to come across as organically as possible. Do NOT write for a search engine. As tempting as that may be, you have to keep your audience at the forefront of your mind.

Don't abandon your SEO instincts when you're creating detailed, polished text for a press release. That is, keep in line with white hat SEO. There will be no keyword stuffing, invisible text, or duplicate content here.

And don't forget to, above all else, write good web copy.

Be Captivating

When we say 'write good copy,' we mean more than just ensuring your spelling and grammar are perfect. We mean that your content, keywords, quality of writing, and headlines need to captivate the audience.

That means coming up with a great headline. Pull the readers in!

Instead of something like:

Sprinkles Media Helps Its Clients

While this title certainly conveys what the press release would pertain to, it's lacking in excitement, and its ability to garner attention is dubious at best.

We chose instead:

5 Ways Sprinkles Media Goes Above And Beyond For Clients

What are the five ways? Above and beyond? Titles like these at least take the reader and put the ball in their court. It has them curious about what this company may offer clients.

Even if you feel you have a story that speaks for itself, don't be so sure the audience will jump at the chance to read it if it doesn't pull them in. A dry, drab title, followed by duller writing, could take all of your relevant, optimized content and make it moot.

Share Something Newsworthy

It's tempting just to use something like a press release to simply advertise your business. Link building is useful, after all.

However, you want press releases to serve a unique purpose in advertising newsworthy info to your readers. You don't want to saturate your brand with stories that don't mean anything big for the customer.

Keyword Optimization

As with your original online content, you want to take advantage of a PR and optimize. A quick way to ensure you're on the right path is by:

  • Including the keyword in your title or headline
  • Including the primary keyword in the first paragraph of the press release
  • Include the keyword in the anchor text of at least one link to your site

With those pointers in mind, it's much more likely your press release will help your SEO purposes. Remember: you're trying to raise brand awareness for actual human beings. Write to them with confidence.

Final Thoughts on SEO Press Releases

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Online press releases are great tools for businesses everywhere. Press releases inform the public of your brand's vitality, validity, and versatility while also scoring some effective SEO bonuses that will drive traffic and affect your targeted audience.

Try a few drafts. What's going on at your company? Do you have a new service available? An important announcement? Decide what's worth putting down and commit to it.

With hard work and dedication to informing the public of valuable opportunities, your SEO press releases will resonate with readers online.

Do you need help crafting some clever press releases? We're here to help. Get in contact with us for a digital marketing consultation and see how Sprinkles Media can assist you in reaching your audience, regardless of your industry.

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