7 Questions Your Digital Marketer Should Be Asking You

Prospective marketers need to take the initiative and ask you, their client, important questions of their own when launching a marketing campaign. See which seven questions help marketers understand your business model

When you're consulting with digital marketers to raise brand awareness and pull in conversions, it's essential to keep your ears open when considering various marketing professionals.

While there are crucial questions you need to ask your digital marketer, it turns out that prospective marketers need to take the initiative and ask you, their client, important questions of their own.

Which Channels Have You Previously Advertised In?

This is an excellent general question to lay down the groundwork for marketing strategies going forward.

In essence, what worked in the past? What fell short of your goals?

Talking about the different social mediums and marketing channels you've thrived (or came up short in) helps your digital marketer shift their focus properly.

For example, maybe search engine optimization has been a constant asset for your brand.

Your digital marketer will tailor their expectations and skills to emphasize SEO efforts to further build brand awareness and accrue conversions.

Answering this question serves as an excellent opportunity to help digital marketers understand your business’s pain points. 

Did your business fail to spur the customer into action due to a poorly designed landing page or branded website? When asked about your advertising history, it’s essential to be open and honest with your digital marketer. After all, they’re there to help.

Have You Worked With a Digital Marketer Before?

This question is a way of gauging whether or not you are familiar with the digital marketing process, project expectations, and simply understanding the everyday lingo. Your answer will let them know if you are or aren’t familiar with digital marketing campaigns, timelines, concepts, and more.

Are you familiar with conversions? PPC advertising? A/B testing? If not, that’s fine. But it’s always helpful to brush up on your digital marketing jargon. 

Speaking of which, this is a great time to peruse the digital marketing vocabulary cheat sheet to better understand everyday lingo used by digital marketers.

What Is the Conversion Goal for Marketing?

This is for the marketer’s campaigns, things like sales and leads. When asked your conversion goal, be very clear about what you’re looking for out of a marketing campaign. Why did you consult the digital marketer? What action do you most want your customer to take on your website? 

When outlining your conversion goals for the marketing campaign, level with your digital marketer. Give some ideal conversion rate figures you’d like to see over a period of time and discuss how to achieve that conversion goal. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious!

What Is the Goal for Your Business?

When starting your brand, you undoubtedly came up with a mission statement and unique selling point (USP). Does that mission statement still apply to your current business model? 

Along with setting conversion goals during the lead-up to the launch of a digital marketing campaign, divulge your overall business goals. Sharing these goals is a great way to help focus on the ‘big picture’ while working on the finer details of your day-to-day business. 

For example, what is the goal that will help determine strategies like awareness?

What Are Your Sales and Follow-Up Processes?

You just had an astounding number of conversions last quarter. The only problem? After encouraging the customer to take action, you didn’t follow up with them. Did they buy that product? Employ that service? 

When a digital marketer asks you about your sales and follow-up processes, it helps them understand how you interact with customers and signifies if you need some guidance. 

A digital marketer invested in making your business grow will know how to best follow up with prospective buyers and consumers. Don’t be afraid to ask for some tips if this is a massive pain point of your business!

Do You Understand Our Marketing Strategy?

Above all else, make sure you’re all on the same page. The last thing you need after hiring a digital marketing agency is to have a communication breakdown. 

If you don’t understand the marketing process or strategy, ask your digital marketing team to explain it in detail, pinpointing all of their decisions and why they made them. 

Asking about the nuance of the marketing strategy is a fantastic method of understanding your customer, too. Feel free to ask your digital marketing agency why they made particular moves, as it helps paint a clearer picture on how to better connect with your target audience. 

If you already understand where and why the digital marketing team is focusing their efforts, perfect! But there’s always room for learning key marketing strategies and why they’ll work.

How Can We Best Take Care of You - Beyond Just Great Performance?

Now, Great performance is a given. But your digital marketer should understand what’s important to you outside of that.

Some significant priorities to focus on are total transparency, communication, and feedback, which are great things to keep in the forefront of your mind. Remember that honesty with divulging your business’s pain points? Maybe you want the same from your digital marketer, having them do site audits and find out what site issues exist. 

Either way, your priorities are your own, so pick what matters most to you when considering a particular digital marketer.

Conclusion: Focusing on What Matters

Any digital marketer who knows their trade will ask you these questions or ones like them. 

These seven questions help your digital marketer set realistic and achievable goals for their campaigns and get a deeper and more meaningful understanding of your business model, mission, and conversion goals. 

Above all, digital marketers are there to help you and your business thrive. Whether it’s by helping you craft a perfectly branded website, enhance SEO efforts, or simply build awareness, digital marketers know what makes a business tick.

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