Types Of Digital Marketing To Use For 2023 And Beyond

What's the best type of digital marketing to use? Let'd dig in and find out by looking at various forms of digital marketing

It's never too early to prepare to use different types of digital marketing for your specific digital marketing plans. We're already focusing on the new year and how all of our digital marketing plans will play out. What it takes is a bit of planning, a few clear marketing goals, and the help of a digital media agency.

Luckily for businesses, there's a veritable feast of options. Depending on your budget, marketing goals, and demographic, some types of digital marketing may be a better fit.

While this isn't every form of digital marketing, it's a great taste of what's available to you and your company. Which one do you foresee becoming a winning campaign?

Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

woman typing SEO article on laptop
SEO helps customers connect with products through well-written content and keywords

Using search engine marketing (SEM) allows businesses to harness the power of search engines to pull in prospective customers.

Additionally, search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to connect organically with customers. For example, SEO experts will create high-quality content with industry-specific keywords about your business.

When executing a good SEO strategy, your demographic will take note of your content through their online searches. In short, those strategically placed keywords will help your pages rank in Google's search engine result pages (SERPs).


While sounding similar, search engine marketing and search engine optimization have fundamental differences.

SEM focuses on using ads to help bolster a business's presence on search engines. Conversely, SEO uses an organic effort through great content that pulls in readers and customers. Choosing both SEM and SEO has its pros and cons.

For example, SEO can have a lot of staying power but can take a while to see benefits.

SEM can get a company exposure relatively quickly, but it can cost you more.

A Digital Marketing Case Study: SEO With Five Star Restoration

For example, with Five Star Restoration, one of our favorite clients. It's to help them rank for home repair in the Inland Empire, Northern San Diego, and nearby areas in Southern California.

With a wide array of services for home and business owners, Five Star Restoration can cast a wide net.

Some good keywords to focus on would be:

With effective organic SEO, you can attract nearby customers searching for home repair and reconstruction in Southern California. Likewise, by focusing on long-tail keywords (keywords that are longer and more specific), you can further nail down your customers.

The more high-quality SEO content and well-researched keywords, the more a business will likely succeed in its niche.

Social Media Marketing

phone with app icons used in social media marketing
Social media marketing uses tools people use everyday: popular social networks

Advertising and drawing in customers on social media are crucial in a digital marketing campaign.

Social media marketing is powerful, whether it's creating posts for Instagram vs. TikTok, using Meta Ads, or getting the word out about your unique vintage resale business through social media posts.

You need to create a consistent posting schedule for a successful social media marketing campaign. The last thing you want is your customers to forget you because you forgot to post for an entire month.

Keep an eye on those DM's, too! You're in the clear if you create a consistent posting schedule coupled with excellent, relatable content.

Speaking of creating good, high-quality content for viewers, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to draw in clientele.

Content Marketing

We love content marketing.

Content marketing is creating content for your business. Content marketing helps create buzz around a product, service, or aspect of your business model that appeals to people.

Creating SEO content for your USP via articles is a great way to rank for specific keywords and make satisfying content.

Content marketing helps customers in their journey down the marketing funnel. Essentially, good content brings customers in and achieves conversions.

Can your content get the job done?

Email Marketing

What better way to open a conversation with your customer than by hitting their inboxes?

Email marketing is an art form unto itself and requires a deft touch. A successful email marketing strategy will connect with customers at different levels of the marketing funnel.

For example, you can send emails to prospective customers who are likely to interact with your content and products. Likewise, you can email customers with special offers, deals, and insights.

A good email marketing campaign consists of a solid email list. An email list consists of leads that will bring returns.

Not to mention that email marketing doesn't have to grapple with finicky algorithm changes. This means digital marketers don't need to switch up campaigns to achieve their goals altogether.

Native Marketing

This type of digital marketing attempts to advertise a business that blends seamlessly into whichever platform works best for their business.

For example, Five Star Restoration may help a brand advertise on their site that fits in with the topic of home improvement.

In short, good native marketing should feel like it fits in naturally with the page. It adds to the browsing experience and successfully communicates a company's ad to potential customers.

Influencer Marketing

Getting exposure is a fantastic way to boost your brand. While we might argue that all press isn't necessarily good press, having people know your brand is an amazing asset.

Going hand in hand with social media marketing, influencer marketing involves the participation of an outside party to promote products or services.

You'll often see big celebrities advertising a new pair of shoes or designer t-shirts. Influencer marketing has been a staple in marketing for decades. Effective influencer marketing has moved from mediums like television to social media with ease.

They don't always have to be celebrities, though. Experts in different fields advertising products they endorse can make a marked difference.

Good influencer marketing strategies connect an influencer with your brand, bridging a gap between followers and potential customers.

Brand Marketing

man holding various branded items used in brand marketing
Branding helps create a bond with your customers

Making a robust and multifaceted brand that effectively communicates your business practices, ideals, and personality is everything.

The branding process involves creating a distinct brand that uses brand tone, voice, and other marketing to promote a product.

For example, your brand may be playful, with a casual tone to appeal to millennials and members of Gen Z.

Or maybe you're a high-end clothing brand appealing to white-collar Wall Street business executives. You might want to skimp on casual messaging and go all-in with a professional look and feel.

In short, brand marketing depends on your connecting with your audience. More importantly, knowing your demographic and tailoring your messaging to them.

Do you know your audience?

Guerilla Marketing

A fun form of marketing, guerilla marketing involves strategically placing your brand in places with high volume traffic, online or offline.

For example, guerilla marketing could be as simple as placing a sticker advertising your business at a busy intersection in a city. Something that will entice the public into exploring what your business is all about.

It's clever, simple, and can create some buzz, getting people talking.

You have to ensure that your brand, designs, and message are clear enough to decipher. The last thing you want is people scratching their heads in confusion when they see guerilla marketing efforts.

Just make sure you're not breaking any laws!

What Are The Best Types Of Digital Marketing To Use?

It all comes down to your goals, customers, and relationship with them.

No matter how far in advance, an excellent digital marketing campaign equipped with your brand voice, tone, personality, and USP is an airtight strategy.

No one type of digital marketing is better than another. So it's really up to you to choose what fits in with your business plan and what goals you need to accomplish. Want to harness social media marketing with a dash of SEO on the side? Or maybe you're interested in PPC advertising and content marketing.

Want to know more about digital marketing, advertising, and social media management? Get in contact with us today to get the low down on everything that will boost your business!

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