How To Determine Where To Advertise Your Business

Where should I advertise my business? Well, it depends. Learn more about the best place your business fits in

How To Determine Where To Advertise Your Business

When running a business online, finding the right customer can mean the difference between a lead and a low click-through rate. The big question is: where to advertise your business?

Should it be online? Maybe on social media? What's the definitive platform to choose when advertising to your customer base? Well, it's a bit complicated. Plus, if your customers run into ad fatigue early on, you could be in some hot water from the jump.

Not all businesses are the same. As such, different advertising platforms could help you thrive, while others will just take your money. Let's get your site that high click-through rate!

It's time to examine which medium would fit your latest marketing push. And, for good measure, we'll sprinkle in some good digital marketing tips, too.

Where Should I Advertise My Business?

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Where should you advertise your business? It depends

So, where does your business fit in online?

There are a few things to consider before choosing your platform. We know you're eager, but have you done your advertising research?

You don't want to backtrack after a failed marketing and advertising campaign you could have avoided by some easy research.

  • Know your customer. Who are you advertising to? What do your visitors look like? Consider building a buyer persona to help exercise your brain.
  • Brand awareness. Does your brand stand out in your industry? How aware are people of your company and unique selling point (USP)? Do you have your USP established?
  • Building trust with customers. Do your customers trust your business? Have you exhibited trustworthiness and expertise in the past?

Always consider these concepts and whether they ring true to you and your small business. Without these three pillars, you'd be doing your customers and small business a disservice.

They provide a robust foundation for other advertising campaigns. Plus, they make it easier to plan strategies.

Let's look at some great starting points as a way to build your product or service from there.

Google Search

Google search is excellent for products and services that text can easily convey. Popping up on page one of Google SERPs is a great feeling for any advertiser.

Local SEO and advertising also do well here. If you're trying to corner the local market on coffee roasters in your small town, Google Search can be the ticket to brand awareness.

However, do not advertise here if your USP is based on visuals.

For example, cool sunglasses can’t stand up to RayBan through text. Not without a remarkable unique selling point. Always remember your USP and emphasize it!

Google Shopping

As it implies, Google Shopping is all about e-commerce. As such, you'll want to make a splash with your visuals. If your product isn't flashy (and it might not be, that’s okay!), skip Google Shopping.

However, if the product you're marketing is visually stunning, this is the best place. Remember to be specific in your listing!

Facebook & Instagram (Meta)

person using Android smartphone looking at how to advertise their business on meta
Meta can prove to be your company's golden goose

Meta and social media are perfect for impulse purchases. Does that come as a surprise? Probably not.

As you might expect, things with a visual flair thrive here. On the flip side, a business with a USP that requires a lot of text does not do well.

People browsing Facebook or Instagram aren't exactly looking to read a doctoral thesis on why your small coffee business is the best for them. Instead, show them why it's the best for them. It really does come down to 'show, not tell' with social media like Meta.

Meta is suitable for testing new concepts and categories. Plus, it's also a solid platform for remarketing for your business. Facebook alone is home to nearly 3 billion monthly users. Building a comprehensive ad campaign tailored to your targeted customers is a solid idea.


If you want to grow brand awareness, use YouTube ads. However, don't depend on it for performance. Make sure video assets are good and compelling in the first 5 seconds.

Yep, it's time to wake up that hidden New York City ad executive lurking beneath the surface.

You have to work hard to pull those viewers in. How do you tell a compelling story in such a short period of time? We'll leave that up to your creative brain.

And, like Meta, you can use YouTube for remarketing.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft has some fantastic potential for your ad push. Are you marketing towards older Americans with higher income potential? Microsoft Ads might be your lane.

list of Microsoft Ad demographics used to advertise your business

If you examine the data, you can see Microsoft pulls in a few key demographics.

For example, Microsoft's users usually have a higher age group and income range on average. So it's great for people whose target demographic checks these boxes. Would you consider using Microsoft Ads for your new ad campaign?

Where To Advertise Your Business: Final Thoughts

This is only scratching the surface. You will need to roll up those sleeves and get into the trenches to see what works for you and your business.

You'll need a great-looking website, an attractive USP, and a lot of data to have your ads thrive. Which platforms seemed the best fit for your small business? Was it Google Search with some organic SEO? Or maybe it was social media and flashy visuals.

Take some time to research. When you finally launch that new ad campaign, you'll know what to expect.

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