Why Aren’t My FB Ads Performing: Top 5 Ad Mistakes Businesses Make On FB Ads

Facebook ads are great for reaching your target audience. But are you doing all you can to outperform the competition? See these common missteps with Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Not Performing? Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make On FB Ads

For many digital marketers and businesses, Facebook Ads is a fantastic choice for advertising goods and services. Facebook Advertising allows digital content creators to reach their custom audience, and it's crucial to boost brand recognition. But what happens when your FB ads don't perform like they're meant to?

As user-friendly as Facebook Ads can be, many digital marketers can easily make these mistakes. You can often chalk up underperformance to user error.

Let's explore how to ensure your business's Facebook ads are optimized to reach your target audience.

Top 5 FB Ads Mistakes

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The first part of improving your creative campaigns is recognizing the problem. Here are the top five most common Facebook Ads mistakes digital marketers make.

FB Ads Mistake #1: Ignoring Video Assets

Videos are fantastic advertising tools. Capturing your audience's attention from the jump is an invaluable tool.

So including them in your Facebook Ad campaign is a must.

You need to pull in your viewers within the first three seconds.

Ricky Zollinger Media (RZM), a video production and advertising company nailed this practice of pulling viewers in within the first three seconds. With flashy, larger-than-life visuals, Ricky and his team know how to make food, travel, and brands jump off the screen.

The company's work with Yerba Mate, Carne Seca, and Bomani's Cold Buzz made these products look sleek and bold.

Take RZM's lead with your Facebook Ads campaigns. You need to draw attention to your brand. With a Facebook Ads campaign, use video to your advantage.

Make It Look Like TV

With this in mind, you can create streaming ads that seamlessly blend your creative content with easy access to reach your target audience.

Facebook Ads allow advertisers to dominate the social media platform in ten seconds or less with excellent creative content. Ultimately, master-crafted, short videos can speak volumes, pulling in views and clicks and boosting performance.

FB Ads Mistake #2: Not Using Subtitles On Your Video Content

With videos in mind, are you adding subtitles to your Facebook Ads?

Facebook allows for auto-generated captions for ads. Before, if the advertiser opted not to use captions, the content simply didn't have any.

That's a big problem.

Not having captions on your Facebook Ads video content could damage your brand by turning viewers away.

FB Ads Mistake #3: Not Testing Multiple Ads

Digital marketers and advertisers need to find the next best thing. Without simple A/B testing, that's not possible.

Additionally, not A/B testing multiple Facebook ads at once puts your brand at a disadvantage.

A/B testing with Facebook ads is fairly simple, too. So there's no excuse not to do your due diligence.

For example, you can effortlessly change your audience, reach, and more. Use these aspects to build a cohesive strategy to help your campaign thrive. A/B testing allows you effectively monitor cost-per-click analysis and cost-per-conversion with your audience.

In short, A/B testing in any aspect of advertising, marketing, or even UX/UI development is vital. Make use of it!

FB Ads Mistake #4 Changing Facebook Ads Too Often

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Launching an ad campaign on Facebook is exciting!

But don't jump the gun. Remember how crucial A/B testing is to the success of an ad with your audience. If you change up ads too quickly or too often, you're not allowing your audience to digest your Facebook ad.

You should always have an idea and ad in the chamber, ready to launch. It's all about being prepared. If you see an ad underperforming on Instagram, use that information to create a better ad. However, you need to be patient.

Use A/B testing and audience targeting strategies, and let your ads breathe a bit to get the most out of them.

FB Ads Mistake #5: Making Your Headline Too Long

A universal rule in online marketing: don't get too busy.

We mean trim your long headlines and deliver a concise, succinct message to your target audience. If you clutter up your Facebook ads, you may drive your customers away.

Being concise isn't exclusive to just Facebook ads; things like SEO and SEM need punchy, effective headlines to draw readers in.

That, and good copy.

While not the be-all-end-all of your FB ads, the headline draws a reader in. Headlines communicate your message to your target customers, so make the best of them!

Final Thoughts On The Top FB Ads Mistakes

It's time to take underperforming ads, use these simple fixes, and start seeing a boost in performance.

Whether it's a quick video with subtitles, testing multiple Facebook ads, or making your headline concise, you can change an entire campaign.

Are you experiencing trouble with your Facebook ads? Let us know by getting in contact with us today for a digital consultation and tailor-made digital marketing plans.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to successful digital marketing. That's why we work with you to help you find what fits.

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