Client Spotlight: The Evans Group

The Evans Group is an ambitious Los Angeles clothing manufacturer who help develop clothing lines for independent designers. Learn more about our fantastic partnership with this L.A. garment manufacturer

Client Spotlight: The Evans Group

There’s no business like sew business.

With one of our longtime clients, The Evans Group (TEG), independent fashion designers everywhere have the opportunity to create their own clothing lines.

We go above and beyond for our clients, but what did we do for The Evans Group? 

Let’s explore our fruitful partnership with this Los Angeles clothing manufacturer and how TEG helps emerging independent fashion designers thrive.

What Is The Evans Group?

The Evans Group is a garment manufacturer in Los Angeles. This fashion production house nestled in Downtown Los Angeles aims to give aspiring independent designers the resources to start their own clothing lines. 

Whether it’s helping find your personal style to inspire you in your own creations or informing readers about the ins and outs of the fashion world, TEG offers the world to indie designers.

Founded in 2005 by Jennifer Evans, the made-to-measure L.A. clothing manufacturer helps established, and emerging fashion designers build up their brands and explore new creative sartorial avenues.

How The TEG Process Unfolds

detailed fashion sketch at Los Angeles clothing manufacturer The Evans group

Think you have a winning clothing idea? Or maybe you want to build upon a burning desire to sketch your own fashion drawings and bring these ideas to life. 

Either way, you’ll meet with some of the most talented clothing experts on the West Coast.

First, designers will create a fashion mood board, essentially your detailed collage that helps guide brainstorming sessions and help formulate stronger ideas. 

We loved the nuances of the fashion mood board, what it represented, and how something so simple could transform a simple garment into an ambitious Avant-garde fashion collection.

Fashion designers meet with the creative team. The fashion mood board comes into play. After brainstorming sessions, revisions, edits, and more, the fashion tech pack makes its way to the pattern maker. Here, a design comes to life, seeing how it looks on models and cutting it correctly. After a few weeks, designers will see their fashion sketches turn into ambitious clothing. 

Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturing 

But wait, you’re thinking, how much does a clothing line cost? Will it sap all my resources? 

TEG wants to ensure new indie designers can create under ten pieces of clothing for a collection, just in case they don’t want to put all their fashion eggs in one basket. 

With a policy of ‘no minimums,’ TEG sets itself apart from more prominent clothing manufacturers who have a much more significant minimum order quantity (MOQ). A minimum order quantity is essentially the benchmark that a designer must submit for a company to fulfill an order. 

As you can imagine, fashion houses like Gucci have MOQs well past three hundred. For a new designer, that’s not only a tall order; it’s a downright impossibility. 

For TEG, it’s all about accessibility. And with over 2,000 satisfied clients, TEG’s business model is a testament to its welcoming policies for new fashion designers

Hot Off The Presses

assorted-color clothes from Los Angeles clothing manufacturer TEG

In one of our articles, SEO Press Release Benefits: Get More Backlinks and Clicks, we explored how the concept of press releases helps businesses build up their backlinks. 

In short, backlinks act as endorsements for a site or business. With The Evans Group, we entered into an aggressive PR campaign, writing about their new blog articles. Over a year of working alongside the noted American clothing manufacturer, we tried our hardest to get the word out about the winning TEG business model. 

And it worked like a charm

With our press release push, we significantly built up TEG’s catalog of backlinks, helping them reach a much wider audience than before. 

Since partnering up, we’ve added well over five and a half thousand backlinks. This impressive number helped in our SEO efforts, which go hand-in-hand with the press releases.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of Sprinkles Media’s specialties. 

It was a no-brainer to help TEG boost its reach with our SEO copywriting. But how do you get the word out about this ambitious, creative business? 

First, we focused on organic SEO, helping Angelinos find a clothing manufacturer that will help them take a germ of an idea and help it unfold into a genuine clothing business.

We delved deep into topics like the importance of choosing the best Los Angeles pattern maker, fast fashion, and the best ways to plan out a clothing line. 

The result, much like the backlinking strategy, was a resounding success. As of spring 2022, TEG has a wealth of over 2.8 thousand keywords, with hundreds in the top ten spots on Google SERPs.

We helped TEG rank number one with prevalent keywords like ‘Los Angeles clothing manufacturers’ and ‘clothing manufacturers.’ We worked hard alongside Ms. Evans to ensure that we focused on the right keywords and made a comprehensive plan to tackle them. 

Once we were underway, TEG’s target audience resonated with the content in a big way, opening up new creative avenues for the fashion production house and designers alike.

Final Thoughts On The Evans Group

one cowboy hat and five jackets hanged on clothes rack

It has been our absolute pleasure working alongside this ambitious L.A. clothing manufacturer. While we help businesses in any industry connect with their audience, we have a soft spot for TEG’s business model and what it does for its customers.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that TEG promotes sustainable fashion practices, ensuring that the fashion industry doesn’t pollute the environment any more than it already does.

If you’re an indie fashion designer or want to be, Jennifer Evans and TEG are some of the best ways to bring your clothing lines to life. Be sure to get in contact with TEG, regardless of your location, and give life to those creative ambitions!

And if you need digital marketing tips for your own business, feel free to contact us anytime for a plan to help you thrive, too!

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