FB Ads Not Performing? Top 5 Settings Mistakes Businesses Make

Making sure your FB ads are set up correctly makes a world of difference. See the top mistakes businesses make with FB ad settings and how to fix them

Properly taking advantage of FB ads and social media is much more than scheduling promotional posts and publishing updates.

A business that doesn't utilize FB ads properly can drain your ad budget. You can't afford anything that'll sap your resources as a small business.

As such, you need to ensure all optimal FB ad settings are correctly set for your next Facebook Ad campaign.

Let's see some common Facebook ad settings mistakes businesses make and tips to avoid them.

Targeting Too Narrowly

Finding that niche audience for your business is like striking gold. After all, it's a digital marketing dream.

However, getting lost in the little details can make you lose sight of the bigger picture. And small business owners can't afford that.

And it'll raise your cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM). Your CPM is essentially how cost-effective your Facebook campaign is. It's a reliable way to calculate if you're advertising effectively.

It's worth noting that the Facebook algorithm is efficient; it can find better audiences than by narrowing an audience by interest. Interest-based users are those targeted by their interests, hobbies, likes, and more.

Easing back on narrowly targeting your audience in your Facebook advertising campaign can limit you. But what if you're too open with your campaigns?

Good social media management is in finding a balance.

3d render of facebook and meta logos
Are your FB ads settings in working order?

Targeting Too Broadly

On the flip side, trying to cover every base can spread you thin.

If you widen that FB ad campaign net, you'll likely never pin down what works for you and your customers. It's not a prudent idea to try and appeal to everyone.

In short, it's a solid idea to go back to basics. Who are the people that make up your audience? What are their core interests?

It's never a bad time for reflection, research, or modifying ideas. Use this opportunity to learn more about your audience and set up FB ads targeting accordingly. Plus, it can lead to a higher Facebook ACE score.

That's a win-win!

Not Setting Up Conversion Tracking

Although tracking page views may seem like a solid option, views aren't conversions. When you decide where to advertise your business online, you want to ensure you track those meaningful customer journeys: conversions.

With FB ads, you should track conversions. Then, use those conversions to whittle down further (or expand) your reach accordingly. Again, a lot of views on a page are great, but without conversions, is it valuable information?

Facebook or not, conversions keep your company going; pay attention to them.

Not Segmenting Remarketing And Prospecting

Remarketing is a great way to connect or reconnect with social media users that have already seen your page. An easy way to see to whom you can remarket, making sure your Facebook Pixel is working properly.

Prospecting audiences are those that, while not in your orbit per se, can be.

With that in mind, marketing to these two segments of your clientele is crucial. FB ads for one audience won't look like the other.

Make sure to target them separately for the most efficient spending and messaging. Just because a potential customer has never heard of you and your product doesn't mean they're out of your reach. Not by a long shot.

When you properly segment the two audiences, you organize better and focus on each audience.

Turning On All The Recommended Optimizations Too Early

girl using fb ads on her iphone
Don't check those recommended boxes too early in your FB ads campaign!

While it's tempting to check all the boxes when a program or platform recommends it to you, be careful with Facebook Ads.

You should be excited to get your business's info out there to your target audience. As with widening your FB ads net, you need to be mindful.

Don't let eagerness override your good business sense! After all, you spent a lot of time building your brand to squander resources now.

Turning on recommended optimizations like budget optimization and audience expansion sounds excellent.

And they are, but only after your account has had the time to learn what works. It's understandable; we all want our business to succeed and reach audiences quickly. But with a solid Facebook advertising campaign, patience is a major virtue.

And another thing when checking those boxes: targeting expansion should NEVER be on FB Ads remarketing campaigns.

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